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Here you will find true legal research and patriotic issues. There are no pay-triot or patridiot myths here. All information is VERIFIED. From Income Tax, to Right to Travel, These Links will make you sit up and take notice! Do you think the people in government lie to you? If you don't then watch this clip. Pay attention here! You WILL learn something!

Did You Know:

There is no law that makes the average American liable to pay an income tax?

You have the Right to use your automobile on the roadways without a license?

The Motor Vehicle Code may not apply to you if you do not have a license?

The UNITED STATES is a corporation and NOT a government! And hasn't

been since the "un" civil war?

Listen to this audio archived show from the National Intel

Report on 11-03-2010 on RepublicBroadcasting.org

Again, this is all Verified and True information

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Representative Bobby Franklin of District 43 of the Georgia State Assembly has introduced the Right To Travel Act! It has already had a second reading and if passed will eliminate the requirement for drivers licences in that state, since obtaining a drivers license requires the surrender of and inalienable right! The Biil is HB875. which can be viewed at http://www.legis.ga.gov/legis/2009_10/sum/hb875.htm

Please call all of the Georgia state legislature members (click here) and strongly urge them to fast track this bill to get it passed! The end of tyranny for motorists is so very close! Once Georgia passes it, the rest of the states will have to follow suit! Think of how much money you will save if you never have to pay for a license again, or register your automobiles again! DO IT NOW!!!

Are You a UNITED STATES citizen?
Just what are you doing to your status in law when you admit to it? (09-25-2010)

This is an update to Breaking News on the 14th Amendment (09-04-2010)
The following is an MP3 of a Radio interview with Kurt Kallenbach on "US Citizen","Corporation", and "Withdrawal of Consent" from the "I Am The People" Radio show - Eidted 4-20-2010 and 9-21-2010 http://www.libertyandfreedomradio.net

Click Here to listen or download



Astounding News on the14th Amendment! [09-04-2010]
I was up late last night listening to RBN when this brilliant guest came on Phil Pozderac's show "POZitively Unconstitutional" at midnight. It was a rebroadcast from earlier Saturday morning. The guests name is L.B. Bork who has written a book called "The Red Amendment" http://www.redamendment.net/home/. Which details in Law how the De Jure united States of America was corrupted and replaced with the now defacto corporate UNITED STATES. It all hinges upon how the CONgress enacted the 14th amendment during the civil war era, turning everyone into "subjects" of the UNITED STATES, and by hook and crook, swindeling us out of our State National Soveriegn status. He explains it all very well during the interview, and in my humble opinion is an absolute MUST listen to. The URL is
It is the September 4th Show.

Click Here to listen or download

UPDATE 09-18=2010!!! Congress Declares the 14th Amendment Unconstitutional!

Congressional Record June 13 1967  


Check out My lastest addition to the income tax onslaught.

Lindsey Springer Live in Simi Valley on 10-17-2009.

Listen to Lindseys powerful speech about how he is kicking the IRS's butt!

Click Here to listen or download!


Did you know, you have a right to travel? That there is no law for the average American who does not engage in commerce upon the roadways to obtain or posess a "drivers license"? Nor is there a law requiring the registration of automobiles? Nor insurance, and the miriad of other "motor vehicle" statutes? Did you know that your automobile is not necesarily a "motor vehicle", as it is defined in law? There are many legal briefs on the subject. One of them is right here:

A Brief on the Right to travel.  Click here  POWERFUL GOOD!

The ultimate web page on the Right To Travel Click Here
Search for more on the Right to travel.

Also watch these Youtube videos!


Charlie Sprinkle, may he rest in peace, is one of the founding legal researchers on the right to travel in California.


Charles Sprinkle part 2


Please read the comments after that video, dont believe the liar (lawyer, he is only looking out for his "professional" butt.


Lots of legal mumbo jumbo but if you pay attention, you will learn something.

 A dissertation from "612"


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